The world around us is slowly transforming and becoming more and more automated. Machines are taking the place of what human hands have been doing for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. At Weatherby, they take pride in just how much our craftsmen touch and refine each product by hand. While Weatherby uses some of the most accurate and precise equipment available, the craftsmanship and finish work is left to their dedicated and reliable gunsmiths and talented staff. In some ways, the production of our Mark V® rifles has changed; Weatherby uses manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines, laser engravers, and acoustic ballistics programs to consistently produce quality products. However, every single step is overseen by a professional looking for even the most minute flaw or imperfection that millions of lines of computer code would overlook or deem acceptable.

Over the last 73 years, Weatherby has learned exactly what performance and craftsmanship look like together. It’s not a new concept; the fit and finish is just as important as the performance and function, but it does seem to be one that has been forgotten to make way for lower prices and higher margins. Weatherby thinks a firearm should feel even better after decades of use, not be a disposable tool that is easily replaced in just a season or two.

Then there’s the one thing that no machine can measure: the human experience. How can you write a program or ask a machine to judge how you feel when you own a Weatherby®? The answer is, you can’t. Weatherby's employees understand what it feels like to carry a Weatherby® in the field because they build what they use. Once you use a Weatherby® for the first time, you understand just what makes it special. This importance of experiencing the products is why so much extra effort is put into making sure that every single firearm that leaves their doors will give you that same feeling. It’s how it balances in your hands, how it fits when you raise it to your shoulder, and how the trigger breaks so cleanly. There is no exact measurement or algorithm to making a Weatherby, it’s just something that you have to feel.